Midnight Romance Necklace Silver Plated

This Silver Plated Sparkly Heart Necklace is ideal for daily wear and gifting.
Crafted with two entwined hearts, this charming necklace will add a touch of stylish elegance to any outfit.


This Silver Plated sparkle Heart Necklace is ideal for daily wear and gifting.
This charming necklace will add a touch of stylish elegance to any outfit.
Presented in a gift box, this necklace would make a wonderful gift for anyone.
When you’re looking for something a bit special…’. Perfect for saying ‘I love you’, whether it’s for an anniversary, Valentine’s Day, Wedding or any birthday or as a Christmas present. To complete the look, the matching necklace and bracelet are sold separately.


Type: Necklace
Material Silver Plated
Length 1.5 x 1.4 x 0.6
Special Features Boxed

Cleaning Guide
Our Jewellery should never be submerged, and should have very limited exposure to water or chemicals. While our Jewellery can handle limited exposure to water, it will last much longer if kept dry. Use a lint free cloth, a clean microfibre cloth, or soft towel to keep jewellery clean and buffed. Polish stones and crystals with a soft cloth to maintain their look.

Wearing your Jewellery
Before wearing Jewellery, it’s important to ensure that any lotions or perfumes applied to your body have fully dried. This is because they contain harsh chemicals which could damage your piece. Also never spray perfumes over your jewellery. We also recommend removing our pieces before sleeping, bathing, or participating in strenuous activities such as exercise, as any moisture will effect it’s longevity.

Plated Jewellery
Our plated jewellery may gradually begin to show wear, particularly on its chain links and clasp. This typically looks like a slight discoloration, which slowly grows and develops. This is not a fault of the piece, but rather a by-product of extended use. Damp and humid environments can also effect the jewellery if kept in these conditions.

Storing your Jewellery
We recommend that you store your plated jewellery in a soft pouch or box when not in use, to increase the longevity of your piece. Do not store your pieces in direct sunlight or in damp and humid environments. Ensure they remain separated, so their chains do not tangle, or scratch against each other.

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