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We are passionate about fair trade and dealing with people in a fair manner and indeed take great pleasure from seeing how our partnerships with villagers can transform their lives. Many of our suppliers have gone from only being able to grow a small amount of rice to keeping pigs and chickens, sending their children to school all made possible by their making money from what they produce and being paid well and on time for doing so.

Naturally we have a commitment to the environment also and you will notice that a large percentage of the products we sell are reclaimed, recycled and upcycled. Where they aren’t we strictly adhere to our legal and ethical obligations surrounding the use of timbers and will only use timbers that originate from carefully managed, sustainable forests.

You can rest easy in the knowledge that should you purchase any of our products, the people who make them are always treated with great respect, paid fairly and on time and that the furniture itself is completely in line with our environmental obligations.

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